The typical project life cycle comprises a complete and integrated managed service that adds value leaving you to concentrate on your own business
Project Brief
  1. The compilation of written reference document providing a strong foundation for the project
  2. Identification and prioritization of key values and requirements
  3. Define risk levels and business continuity needs
  4. Technology integration
  5. Understand organizational structure and set space standards
  6. Establish budget and timescale constraints
Building Evaluation
  1. Identification of suitable property against the established occupational parameters, providing the effecting
  2. Solution for space usage for a long term returns
  3. Measured survey, Structural survey
  4. Technology integration
  5. Verification that proposals for selected property fall within project constraints
Concept & Budget Planning
  1. Outline design presentation and recommendations
  2. Space layout options
  3. Quick proposal on preliminary costing.
  4. Identification of critical path and likely timescales
Detailed Design  
  1. Define specific technical, aesthetic and practical performance criteria
  2. Appoint specialist consultants if required
  3. Develop drawing and specification packages for subcontract costing
  4. Identification of critical path and likely timescales
Procurement & Construction  
  1. Planning supervision, health and safety management
  2. Referring the best of the best service providers of construction and installation services
Client After Care
  1. Operation and maintenance manuals
  2. Maintenance programmers
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