The work environment influences mood, attitude and even the quality of work, so it's not surprising to learn that workspaces should not only be functional and comfortable, but also descriptive of your company's culture and direction.Percept rolls up its sleeves and gets down to creative business to help companies like yours attract the brightest team members.  
            Percept is full service architecture, our focus is a client and user centered approach. We put walls around functions to provide firmness, commodity and delight. A large part of our success in realizing this is our commitment to not only understanding our clients needs spatially, but also in painstaking investing the time to appreciate their individual organizational cultures.

           Percept  Architects starts each design with a thorough investigation into the daily function and purpose of the end user. In order to accomplish this unique understanding of the user's mission, we have found it beneficial to move beyond the conference room and into the work environment with our client. Percept believes in Fulfilling visions, by balancing the Art of Architecture with the reality of business, through the conscious use of creative imagination.

          Planning is a process of creating a framework to guide the development of a facility, or project. It involves analyzing the site and identifying opportunities and challenges. We believe that skilled planning requires a detailed understanding of the buildings how they function and how they work with the site issues. Teamwork is the key to ensure a complete and systematic process that will guide the development in the most efficient manner.
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